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Pp non-woven surface layer honeycomb
The filters honeycomb core
Plastic honeycomb ventilation
pc honeycomb panels
pc diversion honeycomb core
pc honeycomb air curtain
pc reflective honeycomb core
Laser pc board
FRP honeycomb composite board
Plastic honeycomb composite board
pc transparent honeycomb decorative plates
honeycomb wall/partition
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  • 长尺寸塑料蜂窝板
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    Qingdao Achieving Honeycomb Core & Panel Co., Ltd.(ChineseQingdao Zhixincheng Honeycomb Panel Co. ,Ltd., ) specializes in plastic honeycomb sheet, plastic honeycomb panel, PC honeycomb, composite lightweight panels, marble plate production and also a base of development, production and promotion for a variety of lightweight panels.

    Cellular plastic sheet materials (plastic honeycomb panel, PC Honeycomb, honeycomb composite board, marble honeycomb base plate ) are light in weight, high in strength, high in rigidity, with the advantages of Shockproof, insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation as well as with the characteristics of moisture-proof and corrosion resistance. The products possess broad space for development, widely used in construction, automotive, shipbuilding, furniture manufacturing, material packaging and transport.

    We have produced and promoted a lot of cellular material, plastic honeycomb panel, PC Honeycomb, composite honeycomb board, marble honeycomb base plate. With widespread application of this material which can be recycled, tremendous forest resources can be saved, protecting and improving the ecological environment, which is in line with the development of the new materials and e

    nvironmental protection in 21st century.

    Qingdao facory direct PC honeycomb decorative panel
    PC honeycomb decorative sheet manufacture by Qingdao Achieving
    PC honeycomb decorative panel for diversion kerb and light guide
    PC decorative honeycomb panel for partition wall
    the freezer filter PC honeycomb sheet
    reflect light PC honeycomb panel
    office separation wall of PP honeycomb composite panel
    pp honeycomb composite panel for prefabricated house
    PP honeycomb sandwich composite panel
    Glass fiber reinforced plastic PP honeycomb composite board
    PP honeycomb panel for marble counter top of kithchen
    PP honeycomb interior wall paneling made by Qingdao Achieving
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